Imagine a world in which every oncologist has the option to prescribe cannabis along side chemotherapy, and each patient has access to a bio-pharma care center where medical and pharmaceutical experts can consult and dispense their medicine. This is the future Ieso envisions for all doctors and patients.

Cancer, HIV/AIDS and other diseases are no longer considered the death sentences they were 30 years ago. Pharmaceutical companies have researched and produced many innovative drugs that are helping people live longer with a higher quality of life, but often the prescribed drugs have negative side effects.

Cannabinoids, the active ingredients in the cannabis plant, have proven to be an effective treatment for several conditions and ailments either in concert with other medications or in lieu of them.
Cancer, for example, is often treated through chemotherapy, which many patients describe as worse than the disease itself. It is in this context that cannabis becomes the spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down, literally. Not an alternative therapy, but rather a medical solution to aid patients through chemotherapy, fight nausea, and enable them to eat and keep food down, thereby maintaining their strength so they can stay on schedule with their treatments and continue to enjoy life.

Cannabis can be grown organically, sustainability and predictably, and it can help doctors alleviate symptoms such as incessant seizures caused by epilepsy and treat conditions that other drugs cannot, often at lower cost. Illinois is among the states that have passed regulations with patient well-being in mind, allowing doctors to prescribe cannabis for a variety of ailments and conditions.